Abdullah's wakeup call gives him the nudge he needs

When Abdullah visited the doctor for an health check, he was shocked to discover he had high blood sugar levels which put him at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

The news was a wakeup call for the Hail-based 65-year-old, and he promptly accepted his GP’s offer of a place on the MyWay Digital health program.

“I had no option but to take it seriously,” said Abdullah. “I had the opportunity to do something, and was determined to make the necessary changes to remain healthy.”

Abdullah has a family history of diabetes. His parents had the disease, and his two sisters also have a diagnosis, so he has seen first-hand the impact it could have on his own health if he continued as he was.

“I reviewed what I ate and decided to lose weight while taking more exercise,” he said. “Everything I had to do was achievable and remaining healthy was my primary goal.

“I’m pleased to report that I’ve since lost two-and-a-half stone and my blood results show that my sugar levels have reduced, taking me out of the high risk category.

“Personally, I have the time to make a difference, but learning what is required through the course is within easy reach of anybody. The content is great, I learned a lot and the group setting was very encouraging. I have a lot planned for my retirement and now I can make it happen.”

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